Wednesday 16 July 2014

Cleopatra Inspired Look

Hello lovelies,

I would first like to apologize for my absence. I am so sorry. I would try my best to make my posts more frequent.
My "wonderful" school is on strike thanks to the great Student Union, I am saying all these with all the sarcasm one can think of. I am tired of the school and really just want to graduate and move on with my life you know. Like get a great job, continue making people feel and look beautiful, find a good man like Ibukun Donald has (check out her posts @ibukun_donald) and bla bla...
Enough of my ranting jare.. I know I complain too much but then again what is the point of your fundamental human right to freedom of speech. lol.

I recreated a look a few weeks back. I was inspired by Laila who was the make up artiste for TEAM ELAN that won the Fayrouz L'original competition. They deserve it. Congratulations to them.
Here are some pictures.
List of products used will be listed below. I had a lot of fun recreating this look. I love the fact that it made me look like a fierce, sexy, if-you-come-near-me-I-can-injure-you kinda look.

 See how I look like one evil queen here. I love it. hehehehe
It was pretty easy to create. The look is a well defined cut crease with an exaggerated winged eye and also extended infront.
Products Used
Davis 18 brow pencil
Black eyeshadow for the crease
Gold shimmer eyeshadow for the lid
Wet and Wild gel liner
Maybelline Collosal Kajal for my waterline
Mary Kay Liquid Foundation 600
Ailin Loose Powder in Bronze
L.A Pro Concealer in Toffee to highlight
L.A Pro Concealer in Espresso to contour
Sleek Contour kit in medium
Ben Nye banana powder
Cover Girl bronzer in ebony bronze
Sleek blush (sorry cant remember the name)
Purple lip pencil to line my lips
Classic Makeup LS01 purple lipstick.
I had no lashes on for this look so the true beauty of the eyes will show.
I used one necklace as an accessory for my hair.
I hope you like the look.
Please leave a comment below if you love this look.
Thank you and stay blessed.

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